Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento

Behind Bars

The Incident in the Ville of Roses

Earlier this week, what began as a routine day would open up into the single biggest case we have ever found ourselves on. The day began when Cherry answered a call from one Lt. Brian Dollhauser. It would seem that a group of individuals in a holding cell in Sacramento’s police station were mysteriously removed by what appeared to be supernatural means. We got to the police station as soon as we could.

The cell was white hot with ecto radiation. We also deciphered some very unusual markings within the cell. I study of Tobin’s Spirit Guide revealed that these were symbols used by the worshipers of Oblier the Jailer. Max Stickyfingers also noted that there was a foreign metal band of the same name. Cherry and Max left later that night to meet the band, led by Thos Noircore. Trisha and myself stayed behind to further investigate previous studies on the demigod and study the prison where the incident occurred. Both teams made great progress on the case finding multiple signs pointing to a Roseville and a long abandoned prison there.

After arriving at the prison we found ourselves in the central hub of California paranormal activity. Inside we found that the cells had been filled with unidentifiable souls. The building was guarded by a group of hollow dogs and faceless jailer ghosts. We soon found ourselves overwhelmed and bound by shackles made of unearthly metals. Luckily we did come across a helpful and charming spirit Cherry affectionately named Smokey. We were happy to exorcise Smokey.

Smokey also helped us find the 5 missing individuals who were taken from the police station. We also came across an extremely dangerous ghost known as Warden Jack Holmes. After a heated battle alongside Darren Locksley, a “Buster on loan” from Bakersfield, we were able to capture the Warden and collect our fee from the city of Sacramento.

Although I am glad this experience is behind us, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re not done with the likes of Oblier the Jailer.

Sincerely, Dr. Daniel Higgens



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