Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento

A Day at the Zoo
The Sacramento Zoo Incident

The day began faster than usual with three job calls. Interestingly enough, each came from a pet store in the area (Incredible Pets, Pet Palace, and Furry Friends). Each location had reported a Class 2 Manipulator (in this case free floating ghostly hands). Each of the locations had been torn to shambles. The ghostly hands had opened all the cages setting all the pets free. Each of the stores also reported that a valuable animal had been “kidnapped” (a water monitor, a ferret, and a macaw respectively). After removing the manipulators we returned to headquarters. At the headquarters our answering machine was waiting for us. Lt. Brian Dollhauser had called again with another case. It would seem that major paranormal activity was occurring at the Sacramento Zoo.

We arrived to a sea of panicked individuals and sirens at the entrance of the Sacramento Zoo. Here we met with Dollhauser. He told us that the animals in the zoo had somehow been possessed and taken some of the zoo keepers hostage. We also spoke with Leslie Birtram, the zoo’s head keeper on the subject. After all the needed information was collected we entered the zoo. Shockingly, in the center of the zoo, we found the remains of an enormous broken cage made of bone. After further insection of the cage, our worst case scenario had been revealed. We saw the familiar markings of Oblier the Jailer. We were now working double time to ensure this anomaly wouldn’t escape the fences of this zoo.

The cage housed an enormous beast unlike anything we had seen before which we have called Ectosaurus Rex. Study of the beast showed us that although its skin seemed impervious to nearly any attack, the interior of its gullet proved its weakness.

After finding the hostages and defeating the Rex (which in turn removed the paranormal control over the animals), we were able to had the zoo back over to Ms. Birtram, and head back to headquarters to celebrate Trisha’s birthday in some amount of peace.

Sadly though, I’m worried about the city of Sacramento. Oblier and his followers chose this town for some reason. Whether we like it or not, I know when the time comes, the responsibility for this city’s well-being will rest on the shoulders of GhostBusters International. Though I should warn the Demigod, that if he thinks planar domination is going to be easy, then he has vastly underestimated my teammates.

Sincerely, Daniel Higgens

Behind Bars
The Incident in the Ville of Roses

Earlier this week, what began as a routine day would open up into the single biggest case we have ever found ourselves on. The day began when Cherry answered a call from one Lt. Brian Dollhauser. It would seem that a group of individuals in a holding cell in Sacramento’s police station were mysteriously removed by what appeared to be supernatural means. We got to the police station as soon as we could.

The cell was white hot with ecto radiation. We also deciphered some very unusual markings within the cell. I study of Tobin’s Spirit Guide revealed that these were symbols used by the worshipers of Oblier the Jailer. Max Stickyfingers also noted that there was a foreign metal band of the same name. Cherry and Max left later that night to meet the band, led by Thos Noircore. Trisha and myself stayed behind to further investigate previous studies on the demigod and study the prison where the incident occurred. Both teams made great progress on the case finding multiple signs pointing to a Roseville and a long abandoned prison there.

After arriving at the prison we found ourselves in the central hub of California paranormal activity. Inside we found that the cells had been filled with unidentifiable souls. The building was guarded by a group of hollow dogs and faceless jailer ghosts. We soon found ourselves overwhelmed and bound by shackles made of unearthly metals. Luckily we did come across a helpful and charming spirit Cherry affectionately named Smokey. We were happy to exorcise Smokey.

Smokey also helped us find the 5 missing individuals who were taken from the police station. We also came across an extremely dangerous ghost known as Warden Jack Holmes. After a heated battle alongside Darren Locksley, a “Buster on loan” from Bakersfield, we were able to capture the Warden and collect our fee from the city of Sacramento.

Although I am glad this experience is behind us, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re not done with the likes of Oblier the Jailer.

Sincerely, Dr. Daniel Higgens

A Milestone
200 Calls

I would like to open this entry by first stating that, contrary to popular belief, the life of a Ghostbuster isn’t exactly glamorous. Today marks a major milestone for the GBI:Sac office. Today we went out on our 200th inspection call. After compiling all the records I figured it would be interesting to give you a breakdown of what we found for the past 200 “bumps in the night” we investigated.

33 Class I Entities

15 Class II Entities

3 Class III or greater Entities

19 Prankster Teens

5 Malfunctioning Vehicles

3 Malfunctioning VCRs

2 Malfunctioning Garbage Disposals

24 RAAN’s (Random Act of Absolutely Nothing)

96 Cats

And with each of these comes a $2000 inspection fee.

Sincerely, Daniel Higgens

Back to School
A Report of the Browntooth Incident

These past few days, we’ve been investigating our first big case in months. This was also our first major mission with out newest buster, Max Stickyfingers. We were asked to investigate a major disturbance in the Browntooth University dormitories. The call came in explaining that 2 violent entities had been encountered on multiple occasions. Some individuals were pulled from their beds and had their rooms torn to shambles.

The ghosts were those of Corey Phillips and Adam Sinclare. After a great deal of research we established that in life Adam Sinclare had missed an opportunity to turn in a final paper and failed a biology class. Further research showed us that the paper had been stolen by Corey Phillips. Phillips later murdered Sinclare before killing himself. We were forced to eliminate Phillips by force. Luckily we were able to exorcise Sinclare upon finding the lost paper and returning it to its intended recipient, Professor Jacob Breshnow. Personally, I find it difficult to trust (or like) Dr. Breshnow.

Dealing with violent hauntings is probably the most difficult. Especially in a case like this. When Venkman told me about the “business” he didn’t exactly tell me I’d be investigating a 20 year old murder/suicide. The job takes a strong will and a stronger stomach.

Sincerely, Dr, Daniel Higgens

Probation Period
Reminiscing on a year of probation

As of midnight tonight my probation period as the owner and operator of GBI:Sac will officially be over. Without a doubt, this has been the most unusual, uncomfortable, and unbelievable year of my life. I would like to take this time to discuss 2 major cases during this time.

Our first real case came unusually on the 4th or July. At this time the team consisted only of myself and Trisha LaTotes. I should note that over this past year Trisha has been an extremely valuable resource to this team and I am glad I chose her has my first hire, but I digress. We were asked to investigate a strange disturbance at an apartment complex called Flatbush Arms. We didn’t know it at the time, but this would be our first face to “face” enounter with a Class IV entity. The we learned this phantasm belonged to one Eric Ruston. I won’t bore with the details, though one can view specifics in my spirit guide. At this time LaTotes and I learned the value of research when facing a Class IV entity as we found ourselves unprepared when combating our foe. We also realized that in a two against one battle against a ghost like this, we were somehow outnumbered. Our first order of business upon returning would be hiring a larger staff.

Our second large case this year was far less straight forward. It was significant in that this was our first encounter with living constructs and this would be our first mission with Cherry Mahogany. Cherry was part of our first round of hires that LaTotes and I made. With her, we also hired an individual named Clyde who we found to be a less than satisfactory Buster. Cherry brought a new element to the team that we were missing (I still haven’t exactly pinpointed what that element is, but I’m sure it will reveal itself soon enough). The call came from BioMedChemTech Offices. As noted earlier, this was our first encounter with living constructs. Due to a series of agreements, I cannot divulge many details other than that these “creatures” are called Garboids and should be approached with extreme caution and soap. Upon witnessing these Garboids I began to ask myself, what will happen to a world, when their god is destroyed?

I think this may be the best place to end. I look forward to my coming years with this franchise.

Sincerely, Dr. Daniel P. Higgens


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