Cathryn Kennings

Roving Reporter for the Sac Bee


Age: 38

Height: 5’6


Muscle 1 Lifting Heavy Files

Moves 2 Professional Leg-Crossing

Cool 4 Interviewing Savvy

Brains 4 Sociological Penetration

Goal: The Pulitzer


“Cathryn Kennings is a senior reporter at the Sacramento Bee. She visited the Ghostbusters at their headquarters for an interview, but despite her initial excitement, her subsequent article was scathing. The wave of phantasmal zombies besieging the Ghostbusters, the accidental destruction of her purse, and what she perceived to be some overly high pricing because she is a cheap tramp may have had something to do with this.”


This is the opinion of Stickyfingers. This ins’t wrong per se, but the cheap tramp aspect is open to interpretation.

Cathryn Kennings

Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento Drewlephant