Leslie Birtram

Charming Head Zookeeper


Age:32 Height: 5’8” - Wavy brown hair, piercing hazel eyes, and looks great in khaki shorts. Too bad she cleans monkey poop for a living.


Muscle 2 Self-Defense

Moves 2 Horseback Riding

Cool 4 Calm Animal

Brains 6 Jungle Medicine

Goal: Save some dumb endangered animal (who cares, come on, who cares?).


Is that a lark I hear singing? Does the sky seem especially blue today? Cut it out Dr. Higgens, she’s out of your league!

Now that that’s out of the way, Leslie Birtram grew up as a child prodigy. She excelled in mathematics and chemistry especially, although it is rumored that she has memorized a large portion of Coleridge’s work. Aside from her academic flare, she also showed an affinity for animal care and husbandry from an early age. She left her family horse farm at 16 to attend UC Davis. Before leaving the the world of academia she accrued degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Veterinary Medicine. So, she’s actually Dr. Leslie Birtram, but don’t call her that because she thinks it sounds stuffy.

She spent the second half of the ‘80s in the jungles of South East Asia on one expedition or another. She was a rising star in the world of zoology until a run in with a king cobra snake. After a long, difficult period of convalescence she decided to take it slow. She returned to Northern California in 1990 and took a job as a zookeeper. Spoiler alert, she was good at that too.

*Fun fact: You might be surprised to hear that she is actually not a vegetarian and her favorite food is chile verde buritos.

Leslie Birtram

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