Cherry Mahogany

Effervescent Fashionista



muscles 2 -tear things open

moves 3 -quick draw

brains 3 -engineering

cool 4-flirt

goal: earn respect as a ghostbuster from Daniel Higgens

items: proton pack, ecto goggles, pke meter


WARNING! The following is Cherry’s story in her own words, uncut, and only slightly abridged. Reader discretion is advised.

Cherry was born to Joan Zakerbak and Mitchell Mahogany in Eugene, Oregon. Cherry’s mom was a first grade teacher and her dad was a truck driver for circle 6. She’s the youngest of four children, and she has three brothers. She had dreams of being an actress her whole life… and stuff. Inspired by the great sluts of our time: Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, she grew up stealing playboys from her brothers. She idolized the women in them and how beautiful they were. She always wanted to be famous and sexy. (ew…whats in her mouth?)

As she grew up in Eugene, Oregon, she realized she was a lot hotter than all the people there, so she knew she had to get out of town. Her dreams were to become an actress, and a model, and a dancer… pretty much she wanted to be everything. Although she never did anything to make these dreams happen (like she, in high school, auditioned for plays but never got the part), she was on the cheerleading and dance team (but got kicked out… or quit, or something I don’t really know). But aside from that, there were no photographers in Oregon, i mean, there were no model agencies in the town.

She graduated high school with a c average and was very disappointed that her career wasn’t taking off. Her dad’s best friend, who is also her real father (though, unknown to Mitchell and Cherry), saw the desperation and knew that she needed to get out of Oregon. So yeah, knowing that she had to get to LA eventually, she found a college she could get into, it was called Chico State.

She majored in child development, though she spent most of her time at her job, which was a boat model, or selling at a local boat and display shop (whichever sounds better to you). because Chico’s theatre department was really bad, she got many roles, many lead roles, and a lot of attention from stuff, which she liked. She also dabbled in reader’s theatre, but didn’t like it as much. Her biggest theatrical accomplishment was playing the character Madison in the theatre adaptation of the movie ‘splash’ that was released earlier that year.

From there, Cherry thought she was successful enough to find a casting agent in LA, so she dropped out of school and started heading south. She only made it as far as Sacramento when she ran out of money. She needed money so she worked at, I dont know, she worked at pizza hut for a few years where she met a man and moved in with him shortly afterwards. They dated until she found out he cheated on her, but she cheated on him to, so that was okay. OH! and thats where she quit and became a stripper under the name ‘Becca Pullman’ OH! and thats where she got strong arms where she can tear things open well! So a few years of pole dancing gave her really strong upper body strength (don’t question it).

One night when she was getting ready for strip club work, she went to get some water from the bar, and sitting at the bar was this strange looking sad man. Cherry doesn’t remember why she started talking to this man, but it was something about his sad eyes. In their conversation, this stranger revealed that he was a ghostbuster. Cherry said she didn’t know what that was and then realized that she had to go dance on stage five. She did a GREAT performance to gnr’s ‘rocket queen’. Impressed by her flexibility, strength, and agility, the mysterious ghostbuster by the bar, recruited her to join the team.

so she said yes.

favorite music: ABBA, Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, the Doors, Cyndi Lauper favorite movies: splash, roadhouse, terminator, dirty dancing, fatal attraction, risky business, top gun, coctail, days of thunder, pretty woman favorite quote: ‘if the shoe fits, buy one in every color’

fun facts: -Cherry’s middle name is ‘Amber’

Cherry Mahogany

Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento Wingbeens