Trisha 'bagz' LaTotes

Senior Ghost Buster, Sacramento Franchise


age: 25 (1992) / height: 5’4” / weight: 128lbs

Brainz: 3 (art)
Muscles: 2 (ZGAB PUNCH!)
Moves: 2 (SUPER DODGE!)
Cool: 5 (persuade)

area of expertise: 16 century – modern art, modern b&w film photography
goal: collect every pocket sized thing in sight!

items: proton pack, pke meter, ecto goggles (able to take amazing photographs with the infrared camera)


Originally from the California bay area, Trisha was the only child of workaholic parents. Extremely introverted throughout high school, she collected odd things like straws and pebbles and fuzzy craft things from art class. Highly against moving to the city to feed her need to inspire her art, she decided to attend college in Sacramento, where nothing really happened at all, but she did photograph the local punk bands of the time such as: genital chowder, mod philo, cactus liquors, and the hot spit dancers. LaTotes graduated from Sacramento State University in 1989 with a degree in art and photography and a minor in robot building.

In order to support what her parents often referred to as her ‘hobby-carreer’, she was forced to pick up a job. Trisha was hired by a Dr. Daniel Higgens who was very very very desperate at the time to hire help. She started out as a secretary, but when newly hired ghostbusters left after only a few days of working, Higgens was forced to fire Trisha as a secretary, and hire her as ghostbuster.

Though a little underskilled in the means of ghost busting, her knowledge of locations, the local scene, and people around the area makes her a valuble member to the team.

favorite music: elvis costello, b52s, depeche mode, devo, killing joke
favorite movies: star wars, videodrome, all national lampoon movies, mermaids
current project: photographing masters and slaves 50+yro
favorite quote: ‘tell it to my heart, tell me im the only one.’

fun facts:
-is very blind without her glasses
-still feels the need to collect small pocket sized things to carry with her at all times to make up for the absence of her parents
-no one knows why people call her ‘bagz’ (reason to believe she is called ‘bagz’: the ‘emotional baggage’ she takes with the absence of her parents, the amount of bags she has to carry with her because she has so much crap, or simply because her surname refers to totes…bags…tote bagz)
-likes to insert her name into popular music.(ex: upon first meetings, she likes to quote the Suzanne Vega song, ‘My Name Is Luca’ (1987) ‘My name is Trisha, I live on the second floor!’)

Trisha 'bagz' LaTotes

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