Berkshire DeMontesque

Suspicious Psychic


Height- 6’ Age- 35 Description- A thin pale man with dark hair and eyes.


Muscle 1 Karate Chop

Moves 2 Escape Cuffs

Brains 7 Scry

Cool 5 Lie

Goals: Fool some of the people all the time.

*Special- He can use his psychic powers to manifest horrific illusions.


Berkshire discovered he was different from an early age. He would bend spoons behind his middle school gym in exchange for a small fee. The spoon bending was slight of hand, but two years later it turned out he actually was psychic. From that moment on he spent his time and money traveling the world honing his skills. He spent awhile performing magic shows using his genuine powers, but the money wasn’t good enough so he decided to blackmail people. For a few years, he would remotely view politicians taking bribes or soliciting hookers and make them pay for it. Eventually, he moved on to swindling the general public, including the ghostbusters. He took an office across from GBS headquarters and projected gruesome illusory zombies, which caused quite a stir. Putting them at their wit’s end, he came close to getting a five figure pay-off from the Sacramento Busters. However, the ghostbusters proved to be too clever for the crook.

Fun Fact: After moving to the Sacramento area, Berkshire married a senior writer for the Sacramento Bee. Keep in mind this was at a time when people still read papers, so that actually matters.

Berkshire DeMontesque

Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento Wingbeens