Don Daneilson

Lonely Building Super


Age: 24 (in 1990) Height: 5’8” -Unfortunately, this man in the prime of his youth already looks middle aged. He’s not often seen without a dingy t-shirt and jeans.


Muscle (2) Fix Toilet

Moves (1) Solder Circuits

Cool (3) Bargain

Brains (4) Electronics

Goal: Fumbling, Groping Sex (poor guy hasn’t earned too many brownie points in his life)


Listen, he’s a nice guy and all, but come on, he’s pretty much a paragon among dorks. He’s a slob who acts as the super for an apartment building. By trade he’s and electrician and he enjoys fixing up old electronics. At current, he’s in between jobs in his chosen field. In early 1990 he was laid off his job at BioMedChemTech when he began to ask too many questions about the ethics of creating self aware garbage eating creatures. He is the one who contacted the Ghostbusters to investigate the activity of the entity later revealed to be Eric Ruston. He might not be too fun to hang out with, but out of gratitude to the GBSs he says he’d love to help them however he can.

Don Daneilson

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