Lt. Brian Dollhauser

Local Law Enforcement


Age: 36 Height: 6’3” - A tall well muscled man with a shaved head and standard issue mustache.


Muscles 4 Take Down

Moves 3 Target Shooting

Cool 1 Apologize

Brains 2 Criminal Justice

Goal: Make the streets safer.


Lieutenant Brian Dollhauser usually has his hands full chasing down crooks and cleaning up the mean streets of Sacramento, and usually he’s pretty good at his job. However, one day things got a little out of hand. When a few prisoners under his watch mysterious and seeingly magically flew the coup, he had no other choice but to call the Ghostbusters. Although he comes across as kind of a hard-ass, in truth he has heart of gold and always comes through for friends in a pinch. But don’t think he’ll let you get away with anything. He is still a man of the law first and foremost.

Fun Fact: Lt. Brian Dollhauser volunteers to coach his daughter’s volleyball team on weekends.

Lt. Brian Dollhauser

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