Darren Locksley

Brash Young Ghostbuster


Age: 24 Height: 5’9” -A svelte young man with shaggy sandy brownish hair.


Muscle 3 Punt

Moves 2 Joy Stick Wizardry

Cool 3 Poker Face

Brains 4 Electronic Systems

Goal: Go The Distance


All was going well for young Darren Adam Locksley. It was the spring of 1989, he had just graduated from San Diego State University and where he was a star punter. Just as his draft stock was reaching its peak tragedy struck. During the vertical jump test he tore his ACL: Game Over. But as it often happens, when fate closed a door it opened a window. He signed on in 1990 to the Bakersfield Ghostbusters franchise where he quickly excelled in proton pack repair and modification. He gained a small amount of notoriety when, on his first case, he single handedly captured a class V specter. His path crossed with the Sacramento Busters when he sped to their aid in order to slug it out with the vicious ghost of a prison warden. However, the proton packs weren’t making the only sparks, as he soon found himself tangled in a romantic tryst with one of Sacto’s femme fatales.

Fun Fact: He still debates whether or not he should call Cherry Mahogany first.

Likes: Donkey-Kong (high score 650,100), lime-aide, “dark” rides, and the San Diego Chargers.

Dislikes: Asteroid (high score not worth mentioning), Timothy Dalton Bond films, and people who buy/use car bras.

Darren Locksley

Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento Wingbeens