Thos Noircore

Dark Goth Rocker


Age: allegedly 667 (probably closer to 25) Height: 6’ -A lanky looking gent with all black clothing, black nails, and a healthy amount of eye-liner.


Muscle 1 Lift Equipment

Moves 3 Pull Shapes

Cool 4 Be Dark on the Brightest of Days

Brains 2 Obscure Dantean References

Goal: Fame (but without selling out [well, without selling out too much {well, the iron maiden champagne dispenser stays and he doesn’t care what you think}])


Hailing from 667 Demon Street, Hell (but having his checks mailed to an address in Bern, Switzerland) Thos is the front-man for the emerging goth-rock group Oblier. His early life is shrouded in mystery, but the are many unsubstantiated claims that he attended a very reputable boarding school located in southern France. The first official document bearing his name is a letter he penned to the Pope demanding to be excommunicated. Since then he released a steady stream of dark and brooding records. He is believed to have been regularly contacted by a transdemensional being named Oblier, from whom his bands name is taken. It is unclear the extent of his connection with this being, though some theorize his contact with it is both accidental and incidental.

“A dark cloud hangs heavy over this man.” - Inscription on the tombstone he keeps above his bed.

Thos Noircore

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