Professor Jacob Breshnow

Licentious Academic


Age:62 Height: 5’7” -A portly, balding man who is never seen without a tweed suit.


Muscle 1 Vigorous Calisthenics

Moves 2 Cop-a-feel

Cool 3 Folksy Aphorisms

Brains 5 Biology

Goal: The Pursuit of Carnal Knowledgeh1.


Prof. Breshnow is a senior faculty member at the prestigious Browntuth University. He is know for being a particularly harsh grader and dry instructor. He is also known for his improper advances to any members of the opposite sex who catch his fancy (what are you gonna do? He’s got tenure). In the early 1970s his strict academic policies indirectly led to the murder/suicide of two promising youths. After paranormal disturbances reached a fever pitch in the dorms (connected with the aforementioned tragedy), he was enlisted to aid the Sacramento Ghostbusters in their exorcism of the pesky spooks.

Fun Fact: Breshnow firmly believes New England calm chowder to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Professor Jacob Breshnow

Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento Wingbeens