Ghostbusters International: Spooked in Sacramento

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A Report of the Browntooth Incident

These past few days, we’ve been investigating our first big case in months. This was also our first major mission with out newest buster, Max Stickyfingers. We were asked to investigate a major disturbance in the Browntooth University dormitories. The call came in explaining that 2 violent entities had been encountered on multiple occasions. Some individuals were pulled from their beds and had their rooms torn to shambles.

The ghosts were those of Corey Phillips and Adam Sinclare. After a great deal of research we established that in life Adam Sinclare had missed an opportunity to turn in a final paper and failed a biology class. Further research showed us that the paper had been stolen by Corey Phillips. Phillips later murdered Sinclare before killing himself. We were forced to eliminate Phillips by force. Luckily we were able to exorcise Sinclare upon finding the lost paper and returning it to its intended recipient, Professor Jacob Breshnow. Personally, I find it difficult to trust (or like) Dr. Breshnow.

Dealing with violent hauntings is probably the most difficult. Especially in a case like this. When Venkman told me about the “business” he didn’t exactly tell me I’d be investigating a 20 year old murder/suicide. The job takes a strong will and a stronger stomach.

Sincerely, Dr, Daniel Higgens



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